We have created a body-mind wellness ritual in which water and massage transform the experience into a true session of renewal and vitality.

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HALMMA is a creation of HAMMAM AL ÁNDALUS, a benchmark in the practice of wellness inherited from an ancient culture that placed the body, mind and spirit at the centre of its philosophy. With all our accumulated knowledge and experience, HALMMA represents the ultimate expression of massage and the sensorial and therapeutic use of water, with a refined, striking and memorable dimension.

Logo Halmma

At HALMMA a space has been created for imagination and sensitivity, to enter HALMMA is to cross the threshold of the extraordinary. Here water is our inspiration and our guide; there will be moments of wonder, of reverie, but above all we have created a space for calm to emerge naturally, for the senses to be activated and the conscience to awaken.

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Logo Halmma

The immersive massage, the true heart of our liturgy of care, is what distinguishes our Massage Masters; their hands transmit the sensitivity and dedication that transforms each session into a true ritual of well-being and renewal, unique for each person at each moment.

Thanks for placing your trust in our human team, the true soul of HALMMA.