Engage the senses
4 min 08/07/2024

Celebrating the Legacy of Halmma: Unique Experiences

Engage the senses

We Celebrate Halmma’s Anniversary, a Year of Offering Every Traveler Who Visits Us a Unique and Innovative Experience. We Have Given a Deep Meaning to the Healing Power of Water and Massages to Renew Your Energy.

We Pamper You with Halmma!

Inspiration and Renewal: Halmma Celebrates Its First Year of Successes and Experiences

Halmma’s first anniversary. A year full of unique experiences! Time has passed very quickly, despite our continuous effort to stop it at Halmma.

Halmma emerged on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Hammam Al-Ándalus, and now we are the ones blowing out the candles for the first time.

In our quest to propose new and moving sensations, we wanted to create a space where all the senses were equally involved, a living place that stimulated imagination and fantasy through pleasure.

We wanted our center to allow for a deeper massage experience, silencing thoughts through the senses so that you could live unique experiences. A massage elevated to the highest level of sensitivity.

With this idea, we have created a body-mind wellness ritual where water and massage turn each session into a true experience of renewal and vitality.

At Halmma, we are inspired by the wellness philosophy of Hammam Al-Ándalus, giving massage its highest meaning and using water in a sensory and therapeutic way with a refined, surprising, and memorable dimension.

The result is a space created for imagination and sensitivity, where water is both inspiration and guide to cross the threshold of the extraordinary, offering you moments of wonder and dreaminess so that tranquility naturally emerges, your senses are activated, and your awareness awakens.

But our care rituals are not complete without our immersive massages, which in the sensitive and dedicated hands of our Massage Masters transform into unique wellness and renewal rituals, as they are different for each person and at each moment.

Certainly, reaching this first Halmma anniversary would not have been possible without our human team, the true soul of Halmma. Our professionals are what distinguish us and what have made you trust us and put yourself in our hands to take care of your well-being.


Innovation That Conquers: Discover Our Services

Halmma is about discovery, as each experience is unique and unrepeatable. That’s why those who already know our services and return understand that they will find a different experience each time. And thus, a new discovery.

From our inception, we knew we wanted to be an experiential massage center, which compels us to constantly innovate to offer you exclusive experiences at Halmma with every visit.

If you haven’t yet felt curious about how we can surprise you, we invite you to discover what our rituals consist of:

Calmma Experiences

Do you need a break in your daily life? Our Calmma experiences are rituals where water gradually takes the spotlight, aiming to offer you profound well-being. We offer you three options:

  • Deep Mist
  • Spring
  • Deep Foam Water

These experiences can involve submerging in a water tub for Spring and Deep Foam Water, as a couple, with a natural clay soap, or ending the experience with rest on hot stone. Every detail is cared for to help you find the calm you need and renew your energy.

Inunda Experiences

In our Inunda experiences, we seek a state of complete relaxation through water and massages, with personalized rituals by two, four, or six hands of our Massage Masters. With them, you can choose between three rituals:

  • Inunda
  • Inunda 4 Hands
  • Inunda 6 Hands

Each experience is personalized to achieve that relaxation we all need from time to time, culminating with final rest on hot stone.

Lluvia Experiences

In our quest for innovation in the world of well-being, we offer you the option to let water cascade over your body in our intense Lluvia experiences. These are unique rituals accompanied by personalized massages. You can choose from:

  • Intense Lluvia 4 Hands
  • Intense Lluvia
  • Lluvia

In all of them, your sense of touch will awaken as you let yourself be embraced by water and the hands of our Massage Masters to finish the ritual with rest on hot stone.

Celebrate this first Halmma anniversary with us and let yourself be carried away by unique and unrepeatable experiences. Let yourself be conquered by our innovative water and massage rituals with Halmma’s promotions.